Golden Promotions LLC. is a full service distributor offering a wide range of promotional products and premiums. We have more than 20 years of industry experience and are highly service oriented. We maintain a close relationship with a selected group of suppliers and have total access to approximately 4000.

  • Trade Shows
  • Client Gifts
  • Premiums
  • Corporate Awards
  • Sales Incentive Programs
  • Company Events
  • Product Introductions & Promotions
  • Sales Meetings
  • Safety Programs

Along with our traditional product offering, we have access to a worldwide network of product supply resources and can also provide:

  • Complete or partially customized products that are very cost competitive and tailored to your exact specifications. We can meet most any budget or brand need
  • Large-volume orders direct from overseas at significant savings

Our objective is to provide you with creative and high-value marketing solutions.

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